Asgardian Giants Breeding for Temperaments you will Love! 

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About us!

A deep love of dogs has been with us since our childhoods, and when our family began to grow up and start off on their own, we felt it was time to take a passion and turn it into something more. 

Being raised around dogs all of our lives and starting with obedience training as a young adult, getting back into the competitive world of purebred dogs sounded like an amazing opportunity. 

And so we began to find the perfect breed for us and our family. 

The Giant Schnauzer

Originally bred to assist on farms by driving livestock to market and guarding  the farmer's property, the breed eventually moved into the city, where it worked guarding breweries, butcher shops, stockyards, and factories. It was unknown outside of Bavaria until it became popular as a military dog during both World wars.

This makes the giant schnauzer of today a very versatile breed that NEEDS a job, and excels at anything you ask of them!

Giants today can be seen working as everything from therapy and assistance dogs, to helping the military and patrolling prisons. The breed loves to compete in everything from rally-obedience to agility. From search and rescue to lure coursing. As well as schutzhund to carting, and beyond. 

There is very little you can do with a dog, that a giant schnauzer cannot do! 

As per the Canadian Kennel Club: Breed Standards

Asgardian Giants

Asgardian Giants is not a "kennel" and the dogs are not kennel dogs.  

These are not outdoor dogs; but caring companions who truly love to be with their people and reside in our homes and on laps!

We live out on a small acreage just minutes from Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

Our puppies are born and start their adventure in life in our home, surrounded with humans and critters alike. We will ensure they are loved and will start them on the basics until the point they go to their forever homes.

Our goal is to further and strengthen the giant schnauzer breed and as such we only breed for excellence!

Each pup is home-raised with temperament, structure & health all being important factors. We firmly believe in breeding great quality with great attitude. Health, temperament, and conformation are important to us. We test all our dogs before they enter our breeding program, and retire them into cherished pets living out their lives with us.